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The pandemic has been tough.  Some were deprived of playing their senior year and my heart goes out to them.  Some dealt with depression.  Some families lost their job.  This year felt like things were getting back to "normal".  The youth needed to be a part of a team.  They needed to see their friends/teammates.  They needed to learn teamwork, sportsmanship and so much more.  

Photographing children just speaks to my heart.  I finished out the football season photographing at Autzen stadium!  While these kids are so cute, they are so darn passionate and tough.  Being able to capture a "slice of life" for the kids and their parents is where my business name came from.  I hope they will be able to cherish these moments for a lifetime!

untitled-9077untitled-9077 untitled-9008untitled-9008 untitled-8917untitled-8917 untitled-9081untitled-9081 untitled-8996untitled-8996 untitled-0036untitled-0036 untitled-9086untitled-9086 untitled-8858untitled-8858 untitled-8881untitled-8881

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Double the preciousness https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2021/1/double-the-preciousness I had the honor of photographing some pretty adorable twins the other day.  I certainly was reminded that all parents of multiples are HEROES!!!  That isn't to say that not all parents of one child are also heroes, but I can't personally imagine having twins to care for.  Heck, I could barely carry around 1 carseat!  

So interesting to work with 2 newborns and witness the different personalities instantly.  One was easy to pose and the other said, "what in the world are you doing, lady?"  AND..... these parents were on time to their appointment!  Mind blown!  

Loved the color scheme mom and dad chose for their twins, staying away from the traditional pinks and blues.  

Twins-105Twins-105 Twins-101Twins-101 Twins-104Twins-104 Twins-103Twins-103

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Friends Forever https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2020/10/friends-forever "Because of you, I will always have a friend"

Having a sibling with 14 years between them, I am sure has its challenges.  I wouldn't know first hand as my siblings were only 2.5 years apart and my daughters are also 2.5 years apart.  However, when photographing these children, I can't help but experience and capture the pure bond they share!  As hard as it was to try to get a 2 year old to stand still long enough, these few images of the connection with his sister made it all worth it!  This lil' guy does not see it yet but he is extremely lucky to have a sister like Victoria!  She has a compassionate heart and a wonderful personality that he is sure to soak up in the years to come!   untitled-1938Friends Forever untitled-1938Friends Forever untitled-1938Friends Forever

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Let Them Be Little https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2020/9/let-them-be-little Being a Mom of 2, one of which is mildly autistic, I know first hand how difficult picture day can be.  It can be extremely stressful and quite exhausting.  It usually begins with, "we don't have any clothes to wear" so off to the mall you go with children that are less than enthusiastic about your decision and often times require multiple forms of bribing to find that perfect outfit.  As if that isn't enough, most times on picture day, the child(ren) decide that they will not stick to their "normal" schedule and refuse to nap.  Mom and Dad are now convinced that they have truly gone crazy and wonder why on earth they chose to have professional photos taken!  

I titled this one "Let them be little" because I want to let all of you know that sometimes the best pictures are those that are NOT posed.  They are usually ones that show the stage the children are in at the moment and often bring out their natural smile and personality.  A professional photography session does not have to be all about forcing the children to look at the camera and smile.  As they get older, those posed photos will happen more and more.  It is important to keep telling yourself that they are just being a child and it is what it is.   So what if they do not smile for the strange lady behind a lens, making crazy noises and funny faces.  A professional photographer should not take this personal, rather keep trying and get the shots they can get.  I can't tell you the number of times I have had parents say, "I had no idea you even got that many wonderful images from that terrible day!"  

I chose this photo from my last session because I just LOVED it and truth be known that prior to this shot, these 2 littles had other ideas which including playing chase, kicking off boots, throwing rocks, etc.  Mom and Dad were sweating and cursing under their breath and certainly wondering why they put themselves through this but looking at this particular image, would you have ever guessed that it was a bit challenging?  

"LET THEM BE LITTLE bc they aren't that way for very long"  Trust me, I know!  My 2 girls are 23 and 20!   untitled-0969untitled-0969

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Girls and Horses https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2020/4/girls-and-horses Girls and Horses Just a fun little video I made of my daughter, her friends and their 4 legged counterparts!  I have lots and lots to learn but I am determined!  My daughter has been riding since she was 6 years old.  We leased her a horse for her junior and senior year of high school and then shortly after graduation, she bought her own horse!  Attie is a 12 year old off the track thoroughbred and has been her dream horse for 3 years now!  I wanted to capture some moments to give you a slight glimpse of all the work that goes into owning a horse and combining videography and photography!  Hope you enjoy!

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Princess at the Park https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2020/3/princess-at-the-park I could hardly wait to get these girls scheduled so I could do a promotional piece for an upcoming session that will be offered.  My sessions will be called, "Princess in the Park".  I wanted to offer these types of sessions because the message is very clear and a powerful one!  Simply put..... BE YOU, BE FIRECE, BE BEAUTIFUL all at the same time!  Young girls have many challenges growing up and it's not to say that the boys don't but society puts a ton of expectations and pressures on girls.  Girls can be beautiful and tough even if they sweat, slide in the dirt or wear boxing gloves.  If you have one of these daughters in your household and are interested in getting some professional photos taken to document this time in their lives, feel free to message me.  I have a few dresses that can be borrowed or you are welcome to bring your own.   untitled-54untitled-54 untitled-1untitled-1 untitled-49untitled-49 untitled-46untitled-46 untitled-72untitled-72 untitled-19untitled-19

(A Slice of Life Photography) a slice of life photography children photographer Princess at the Park softball players softball princess sports photographer Springfield Oregon Photographer https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2020/3/princess-at-the-park Fri, 06 Mar 2020 20:34:26 GMT
Princess & Llama Mini Sessions NOW BOOKING https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2020/3/princess-llama-mini-sessions-now-booking Very excited to announce I am now booking Princess & Llama Mini sessions!  This is Caesar, the No Drama Llama!  Yes, that is really his name!  He is a therapy llama and is truly AMAZING!  I am still blown away by his very special, affectionate personality!  You need to visit his site and read about him when you get a chance.  https://www.facebook.com/thenodramallama/
He is a very unique llama and will certainly steal your heart!  The minute I saw him at the Oregon Bridal Show in Eugene, I just knew that I needed to make little girl's dreams come true by pairing a princess theme with this gorgeous llama!  I approached Larry, the owner and we immediately began talking about the possibilities.  

The Princess & Llama Mini Sessions will be held at Adelman Peony Garden in Salem, Oregon  https://www.facebook.com/peonyparadise/.  The sessions will be by appointment only on May 31.  There are only 8 time slots left.  If you are interested, click on the following link to reserve your time slot! asliceoflifephotography.bigcartel.com/product/princess-llama-mini-sessions  dresses, accessories and props will be available (size dependent).  

Llama flierLlama flier

(A Slice of Life Photography) A Slice of Life Photography Caesar the no drama llama Children photographer Llamas Princess Llama mini photo sessions princess photoshoots Springfield Oregon Photographer https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2020/3/princess-llama-mini-sessions-now-booking Mon, 02 Mar 2020 20:41:37 GMT
Birth Photography https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2020/2/birth-photography Birth Photography...... Is it right for you on your baby's big day?  Hiring a professional photographer to capture a birth is a huge decision!  It is a very private, very intimate event!  Maybe having a professional photographer there to capture raw emotions instead of putting your support person behind the camera is a smart choice.  You want the attention of your support person to be solely on you and that precious life you have been carrying for 9 months.  A professional birth photographer knows the right angles and equipment needed as well as how to appear like a "fly on the wall!"  

There is so much that happens behind the scenes during a birth that a professional photographer can capture.   The support of family members holding your hand during those intense contractions, the nurses and doctors encouraging you along the way, the small details of the bassinet with the cap, equipment and tools all ready to welcome your baby, the EKG of the baby's heartbeat, and so much more.  

Having had 2 births of my own as well as having photographed many births in the past 18 years, it is one of the most emotional and honored tasks I have ever had.  Capturing when a family is born makes my heart so happy and each one takes me back to when my girls were born 22 and 20 years ago.  

Having a birth photographer might not be your thing.  That is perfectly fine.  You might consider a "Fresh 48" session or a Newborn session.  There is something for everyone!   5x7 flier birth newborn fresh48 copy5x7 flier birth newborn fresh48 copy

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Smashed it! https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2020/1/smashed-it 1 year old cake smashes are the BEST!  We had lots of fun with this cutie!  She sure knew how to smash a cake (cupcake). 

We begin all cake smash sessions on the clean side with an outfit and background of your choice.  Once we get what we want, we move right into getting down and dirty!  As you can imagine, some get into it way more than others but capturing their expressions is my absolute favorite.  I also love when they want to share their cake with me.  LOL  We finish up with bath time which most of them love!  Yes, that is right, you get ALL that in one session!  You might need a nap like myself when it is all said and done.   untitled-24untitled-24 untitled-52untitled-52 untitled-33untitled-33

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Client Friendly Ordering https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2020/1/client-friendly-ordering blog postblog post I have finally had a chance to sit down and design my new order friendly page for my clients!  I went with a new website last year but just didn't have time to add my price sheet and ordering to it.  It feels so good to have finally been able to check that off my list!  I wanted to make it convenient for my out of town/state families to see their loved one's galleries and order directly from the site.   Having been in this business for 18 years now, it has been challenging to keep up with the ever changing digital world!  I still write checks but not near as much as I used to.  Finding a way to make it a user friendly and a customer service based business from start to finish has always been very important to me.  As with anything new, there might be some bugs I need to work out so please do not hesitate to let me know if you find an error or something is just not making sense to you.  

Thank you again for choosing A Slice of Life Photography to make your memories last forever!

Happy 2020 and may all your dreams come true!

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Birthday Boy https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/12/birthday-boy untitled-105untitled-105 untitled-100untitled-100 untitled-103untitled-103 This cutie turns one this week.  He was not so sure about having his picture taken but we got it done!  He also didn't love his cake but you just have to go with the flow sometimes!  We still managed to get some pretty cute shots and it really is all about documenting the moment.  

(A Slice of Life Photography) a slice of life photography birthday boy cake smash springfield oregon photographer https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/12/birthday-boy Wed, 11 Dec 2019 02:52:13 GMT
Precious New Life https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/7/precious-new-life This little sweetie was a true rockstar for her newborn session!  She slept nearly the entire time she was in front of the camera which enabled me to provide the new parents with a variety of poses and backgrounds.  I greatly appreciated both of them trusting in me to create beautiful images!  They just set back and watched me mold their little girl into poses but at the same time was right there when I needed an extra set of hands.  A precious new life and one that will bring both of them a few sleepless nights but so much joy! untitled-51untitled-51 untitled-1 copyuntitled-1 copy untitled-70untitled-70 untitled-89untitled-89

(A Slice of Life Photography) a slice of life photography baby girl brand new life children photographer newborn newborn girl oregon photographer" springfield https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/7/precious-new-life Tue, 23 Jul 2019 03:50:21 GMT
Alpacas and Princesses https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/7/alpacas-and-princesses It was an amazing experience to be able to meet and photograph these funny and adorable animals.  I loved learning a little about an animal that I know nothing about.  Robin was so knowledgable and is the perfect alpaca owner..... calm!  I am so blessed to have been given this opportunity!  Both the princesses did a wonderful job following directions and having a lot of fun while doing it.   untitled-17Friends untitled-36untitled-36 untitled-8untitled-8 untitled-14untitled-14

Here are some interesting facts about alpacas:

     Alpacas were domesticated by the Incas more than 6,000 years ago. They were mainly raised due to their incredible fleece. The fleece is known for its quality and elite characteristics.    

     Alpaca fiber is a lot like a sheep’s wool but it’s much warmer and not as itchy. It doesn’t have lanolin, which is what makes it hypoallergenic and it’s able to be processed without high temperatures or harsh chemicals.

     Alpacas are known for using a communal feces pile. Due to preferring to use a predetermined spot for feces, many alpacas have been successfully house trained.

     Alpacas can live to be 25 years long and they’re able to survive in almost all climates.

     There are two breed of alpacas, the huacaya and the suri. The huacaya have fluffy hair, much like a teddy bear. The suri have long wavy hair that hangs off its body.

    Baby alpacas are called “crias” and they can weigh up to 20 pounds at birth.

(A Slice of Life Photography) a slice of life photography alpacas animals and children children photographer princess photography springfield oregon photographer https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/7/alpacas-and-princesses Tue, 02 Jul 2019 19:59:53 GMT
Pancakes anyone? https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/5/pancakes-anyone This little guy was not so sure about what mom signed him up for but he had the cutest cake I have ever seen..... looked like a stack of pancakes with actual syrup on top.  I wanted to eat it myself.  Didn't get a lot of smiles but sometimes that is just the way it goes.   untitled-57untitled-57 untitled-100untitled-100 untitled-61untitled-61 untitled-104untitled-104 untitled-21untitled-21 untitled-42untitled-42 untitled-91untitled-91 untitled-96untitled-96

(A Slice of Life Photography) a slice of life photography buffalo plaid theme cake smash one year old portraits pancakes springfield oregon children photographer https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/5/pancakes-anyone Thu, 16 May 2019 02:27:05 GMT
Amazingly cute Alpacas https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/4/amazingly-cute-alpacas Met a wonderful lady today as well as got to visit her Alpaca farm! Can you guess what will be offered? Yup, princess/Alpaca photosessions for ages 7 and up! There will be a limited number offered and I'm just in the planning stages but I'm very excited to offer something different this year. Alpacas are not like ponies and will require a bit more of a calm demeanor but I am imagining some beautiful photos that can be done with these critters! Tea party with Alpacas anyone? This is not replacing my princess pony sessions just in addition to! Thank you Pura Vida Alpaca Farm for the tour this afternoon of your beautiful facility!
untitled-52untitled-52 untitled-45untitled-45 untitled-78untitled-78 untitled-21untitled-21 untitled-24untitled-24

(A Slice of Life Photography) a slice of life photography alpacas animal photography children with alpacas eugene alpaca farm springfield oregon photographer https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/4/amazingly-cute-alpacas Mon, 15 Apr 2019 01:59:20 GMT
Best Friends https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/4/best-friends From galloping like a horse in elementary school to these gorgeous ladies, they have sure made some wonderful memories together over the years!  They will rock the next chapter in their lives, whatever that might be.   They are cowgirls with kind hearts, gorgeous smiles, stubborn yet humble and passionate about animals.  They are always laughing together, singing or dancing!  Stay true to who you are, ladies!  I love you both!! untitled-5-2untitled-5-2

(A Slice of Life Photography) a slice of life photography best friends children photographer friends lifestyle portraits smith rock portraits springfield oregon photographer https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/4/best-friends Mon, 01 Apr 2019 22:40:15 GMT
Little Harry Potter https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/3/little-harry-potter This 3 month old was the perfect lil' Harry Potter!  We had so much fun with him!   Sawyer glasses fb copySawyer glasses fb copy

(A Slice of Life Photography) 3 month old boy a slice of life photography books harry potter springfield oregon photographer themed photoshoot https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/3/little-harry-potter Sat, 16 Mar 2019 03:44:33 GMT
New student https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/3/new-student With this little 3 month old's mom being a teacher, we just had to do it!!  I have been wanting to use my antique desk for some time now and I finally had the opportunity!  He was the perfect new student for us!  A special shout out to all the teachers in the world!  You have one of the toughest yet rewarding jobs on this earth!  You are all an inspiration and have shaped so many children's lives!  Having worked in the school system myself for 8 years, I do know that most of what you do, you do not do because you get a paycheck.  You do it because you care about our children and their future!   untitled-4untitled-4

(A Slice of Life Photography) a slice of life photography antique desk baby boy books desk education newborn student springfield oregon photographer https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/3/new-student Fri, 15 Mar 2019 03:24:00 GMT
Cowboy cake smash https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/3/cowboy-cake-smash This lil' cowboy wanted to ride his horse than take pictures today but such a cutie and set up that I couldn't NOT share!   Joseph cake smash blog postJoseph cake smash blog post

(A Slice of Life Photography) a slice of life photography cake smash cowboy cowboy cake smash springfield oregon photographer https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/3/cowboy-cake-smash Fri, 08 Mar 2019 02:22:16 GMT
Business Head Shot https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/3/business-head-shot Couldn't be honored to provide a business head shot for this beautiful lady!  She also happens to be a dear friend of mine who I have photographed for from the very beginning of my career over 16 years ago.  Kari was chosen to be on the board of the Oregon Society of CPAs and will now be featured in their magazine.  I am beyond proud of her and all her hard work!   Kari-104Kari-104

(A Slice of Life Photography) A Slice of Life Photography Business head shot business portrait professional head shot Springfield Oregon Photographer https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/3/business-head-shot Mon, 04 Mar 2019 03:58:32 GMT
Accepting Baby https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/2/accepting-baby Having multiple children can often be very difficult for the first born, second born, third born, etc but you always hope that they soon realize that there is enough love to go around!  There are sacrifices that all family members need to make but the moments spent loving, laughing, teaching, sharing clothes, having that lil' human look up to you, watching them take their first steps, seeing them smile for the first time at you when you talk to them, are all worth any sacrifices you make!  

Capturing an image likes this touches me more than most of you know!  Having your first child accept their sibling(s), hold, feed, kiss, etc. are not always things that we get the honor of experiencing as a parent!  Sometimes the differences in siblings make it very difficult for them to bond no matter how much we try!  If this is something you can relate to, never give up faith and just know that God has a plan and we have to trust Him! newborn photography with siblingsnewborn photography with siblings

(A Slice of Life Photography) a slice of life photography newborn boy newborn photographer newborn with siblings springfield oregon photographer https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/2/accepting-baby Sat, 23 Feb 2019 18:24:58 GMT
Perfect Lil' Bundle of Joy https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/2/perfect-lil-bundle-of-joy This lil' perfect bundle was so happy in his wrap!  He rocked his session even after posing with 3 siblings!  Loved this natural light coming in to highlight his perfect little features!   untitled-1Newborn baby boy

(A Slice of Life Photography) newborn boy newborn bundle newborn photographer swaddle https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/2/perfect-lil-bundle-of-joy Thu, 21 Feb 2019 18:00:16 GMT
Newborn Baby Boy https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/2/newborn-baby-boy While newborn photography is extremely hard work, it is also so very rewarding!!  I am always honored to be a part of the first 2 weeks of a brand new life especially getting them into the perfect position to show off those new tiny features.  I love watching and listening to the parents as their new baby is getting wrapped in a wrap or placed in a prop.  It makes me feel like I have the greatest job in the world!  Patience is a virtue on everyone's part even though the parents are sleep deprived and I may have tried a particular pose with little success, we don't give up and the final product is that much more appreciated!!   untitled-64-2untitled-64-2

(A Slice of Life Photography) baby poses newborn newborn boy tiny features https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/2/newborn-baby-boy Mon, 18 Feb 2019 16:43:07 GMT
New and Improved https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/2/new-and-improved I began 2019 placing much of my focus on improving my business.  Cleaning out studio and organizing, switching and updating my website, finally updating my business headshot and educating myself to improve my photography! 

I am seeing the importance of placing community over competition and how mandatory it is to provide top notch customer service!  One of my personal rules is to keep busting my buns until I am no longer passionate about what I do, but more importantly to ALWAYS stay true to myself!

Headshot websitecopyHeadshot websitecopy

(A Slice of Life Photography) A Slice of Life Photography headshot Springfield Oregon Photographer https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/2/new-and-improved Thu, 07 Feb 2019 23:32:22 GMT
Lil' Cowboy Time https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/2/lil-cowboy-time This is just one kind of theme I offer at my Princess/Cowboy pony sessions!  A ton of work goes into these sessions to make them both magical and fun for each child!  Partnering with Torrie, owner of Dazzling Pony Parties, has been the best decision I ever made!  Not only do I have an amazing co worker, I have met a true friend as well!  She encourages me with my business, she listens to my ideas and always makes sure her ponies are bathed, trained and ready for the little ones to love on!  We both look so forward to our summers together, meeting new princesses and cowboys and making our hearts happy by watching their excitement when they meet their pony for the session!   Kingsley-133 websitecopyKingsley-133 websitecopy

(A Slice of Life Photography) A Slice of Life Photography cowboy Cowboy Pony Sessions https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/2/lil-cowboy-time Mon, 04 Feb 2019 16:48:01 GMT
Sister Bond~ A Slice of Life Photography ~ Children Photographer https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/1/sister-bond-a-slice-of-life-photograph-children-photographer Capturing the bond between sisters or any siblings is often challenging.  How often do you hear the parents say, "can you just sit together for one picture?"  I love the challenge and when you get an image like this one, it is so rewarding.  When parents are in tears looking at this image of their children, I feel that I did my job to the best of my ability!  This particular image was taken during one of Princess Pony Sessions that are offered in the summer months.  I try to provide images of the children in the field as a little added bonus for booking the princess pony session!  


(A Slice of Life Photography) A Slice of Life Photography Child Photographer siblings sisters Springfield Oregon Photographer https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/1/sister-bond-a-slice-of-life-photograph-children-photographer Tue, 29 Jan 2019 19:44:29 GMT
New website in process https://www.asliceoflifephotography.net/blog/2019/1/new-website-in-process I am so excited about a new website along with my new business cards.  You might see some familiar faces so check back!

blog postblog post

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