Accepting Baby

February 23, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Having multiple children can often be very difficult for the first born, second born, third born, etc but you always hope that they soon realize that there is enough love to go around!  There are sacrifices that all family members need to make but the moments spent loving, laughing, teaching, sharing clothes, having that lil' human look up to you, watching them take their first steps, seeing them smile for the first time at you when you talk to them, are all worth any sacrifices you make!  

Capturing an image likes this touches me more than most of you know!  Having your first child accept their sibling(s), hold, feed, kiss, etc. are not always things that we get the honor of experiencing as a parent!  Sometimes the differences in siblings make it very difficult for them to bond no matter how much we try!  If this is something you can relate to, never give up faith and just know that God has a plan and we have to trust Him! newborn photography with siblingsnewborn photography with siblings


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