Alpacas and Princesses

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It was an amazing experience to be able to meet and photograph these funny and adorable animals.  I loved learning a little about an animal that I know nothing about.  Robin was so knowledgable and is the perfect alpaca owner..... calm!  I am so blessed to have been given this opportunity!  Both the princesses did a wonderful job following directions and having a lot of fun while doing it.   untitled-17Friends untitled-36untitled-36 untitled-8untitled-8 untitled-14untitled-14

Here are some interesting facts about alpacas:

     Alpacas were domesticated by the Incas more than 6,000 years ago. They were mainly raised due to their incredible fleece. The fleece is known for its quality and elite characteristics.    

     Alpaca fiber is a lot like a sheep’s wool but it’s much warmer and not as itchy. It doesn’t have lanolin, which is what makes it hypoallergenic and it’s able to be processed without high temperatures or harsh chemicals.

     Alpacas are known for using a communal feces pile. Due to preferring to use a predetermined spot for feces, many alpacas have been successfully house trained.

     Alpacas can live to be 25 years long and they’re able to survive in almost all climates.

     There are two breed of alpacas, the huacaya and the suri. The huacaya have fluffy hair, much like a teddy bear. The suri have long wavy hair that hangs off its body.

    Baby alpacas are called “crias” and they can weigh up to 20 pounds at birth.


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