Smashed it!

January 26, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

1 year old cake smashes are the BEST!  We had lots of fun with this cutie!  She sure knew how to smash a cake (cupcake). 

We begin all cake smash sessions on the clean side with an outfit and background of your choice.  Once we get what we want, we move right into getting down and dirty!  As you can imagine, some get into it way more than others but capturing their expressions is my absolute favorite.  I also love when they want to share their cake with me.  LOL  We finish up with bath time which most of them love!  Yes, that is right, you get ALL that in one session!  You might need a nap like myself when it is all said and done.   untitled-24untitled-24 untitled-52untitled-52 untitled-33untitled-33


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