Birth Photography

February 04, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Birth Photography...... Is it right for you on your baby's big day?  Hiring a professional photographer to capture a birth is a huge decision!  It is a very private, very intimate event!  Maybe having a professional photographer there to capture raw emotions instead of putting your support person behind the camera is a smart choice.  You want the attention of your support person to be solely on you and that precious life you have been carrying for 9 months.  A professional birth photographer knows the right angles and equipment needed as well as how to appear like a "fly on the wall!"  

There is so much that happens behind the scenes during a birth that a professional photographer can capture.   The support of family members holding your hand during those intense contractions, the nurses and doctors encouraging you along the way, the small details of the bassinet with the cap, equipment and tools all ready to welcome your baby, the EKG of the baby's heartbeat, and so much more.  

Having had 2 births of my own as well as having photographed many births in the past 18 years, it is one of the most emotional and honored tasks I have ever had.  Capturing when a family is born makes my heart so happy and each one takes me back to when my girls were born 22 and 20 years ago.  

Having a birth photographer might not be your thing.  That is perfectly fine.  You might consider a "Fresh 48" session or a Newborn session.  There is something for everyone!   5x7 flier birth newborn fresh48 copy5x7 flier birth newborn fresh48 copy


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