Princess at the Park

March 06, 2020  •  1 Comment

I could hardly wait to get these girls scheduled so I could do a promotional piece for an upcoming session that will be offered.  My sessions will be called, "Princess in the Park".  I wanted to offer these types of sessions because the message is very clear and a powerful one!  Simply put..... BE YOU, BE FIRECE, BE BEAUTIFUL all at the same time!  Young girls have many challenges growing up and it's not to say that the boys don't but society puts a ton of expectations and pressures on girls.  Girls can be beautiful and tough even if they sweat, slide in the dirt or wear boxing gloves.  If you have one of these daughters in your household and are interested in getting some professional photos taken to document this time in their lives, feel free to message me.  I have a few dresses that can be borrowed or you are welcome to bring your own.   untitled-54untitled-54 untitled-1untitled-1 untitled-49untitled-49 untitled-46untitled-46 untitled-72untitled-72 untitled-19untitled-19


OMG, these are all so great and so unique! Putting personality in the picture!
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