Youth Football

November 09, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Playing sports has always been a passion since I was a child.  I always wanted to be a football player.  I would dress up as a football player for every Halloween because my brother played and I could wear his uniform.  I played football in the back yards of my neighbors with the boys.  Yes, I was a true tomboy!  I was just happier being outdoors.  I had no desire to learn how to cook and sew, I just wanted to be outside.  

The pandemic has been tough.  Some were deprived of playing their senior year and my heart goes out to them.  Some dealt with depression.  Some families lost their job.  This year felt like things were getting back to "normal".  The youth needed to be a part of a team.  They needed to see their friends/teammates.  They needed to learn teamwork, sportsmanship and so much more.  

Photographing children just speaks to my heart.  I finished out the football season photographing at Autzen stadium!  While these kids are so cute, they are so darn passionate and tough.  Being able to capture a "slice of life" for the kids and their parents is where my business name came from.  I hope they will be able to cherish these moments for a lifetime!

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